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Tweet, tweet

After a somber day it is great to lighten up…

@WickedCynic and @JiminyKicksIt – Thanks for the laughs!

My God, you’re sexy!


I’m getting a little ahead of myself, perhaps this should be more of an Easter post. I mean, it’s still before Christmas, Jesus hasn’t even been born. However, the sign down the street keeps telling me “Jesus is the reason for the season!” so I’m going to take liberties and skip ahead to grown-up Jesus. (Not my best logic.) Continue reading

Awkward hilarity

There is a site that I sometimes visit when I need a little pick me up. It is full of love, family togetherness, and awkwardness caught on film. It is Awkward Family Photos. Sometimes I like to tell myself a little story as I flip through the pages. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Jerry was a lonely man with a cat. He truly loved that cat, but he yearned for more.


He earned a pittance as a freelance writer but, by cutting the cost of clothes out of his budget, he was able to scrimp and save until he could finally afford his dream vacation. A dream vacation where he landed Barbara, the perfect woman.


It was a whirlwind engagement and everyone could see that Jerry was head over heals in love… Continue reading

Dear God! What is that thing?

This is a Sphynx kitten.

Thanks to Geoff at pretty awful things for bring it to my attention this morning. Now I can’t stop thinking about it.

He’s kinda cute in a helpless-baby-animal sort of way, but he’s also slightly hideous in a brain-carved-into-the-shape-of-a-cat sort of way. I’m feeling very conflicted.

This picture has totally got me wondering if all kitten skin is like this but they are covered with so much fur we can’t tell. It’s like they have all of their skin at birth but need to grow into it. Can you imagine if we were born this way? That would be a lot of extra skin to be carting around…

prettyawfulthings is definitely worth a follow. Geoff posts about strange and odd and pretty and awful things. Recent post have featured incredible art made from table salt, Roman nanotechnology, a sheep herding bunny, and a bicycle powered treehouse elevator. All incredibly amazing and new to me.

Please excuse me now, I’ve got to go find a furry kitten to shave.

Seriously, do you think all kittens have this much skin under their fur?

Why It’s Awesome To Be A Nerd

I saw this video today and planned to share it with you all but my fellow blogger DORKDADDY beat me to it. His post is spot on? Hey DORK! You big nerd… thanks for saving me the work!

letter At a recent convention, child actor and well-credentialed nerd ambassador Will Wheaton sat on a panel attended by conventioneers. During the question-and-answer period one convention-goer (with a video camera) told Mr. Wheaton about her recently born daughter and asked him to describe for her daughter what was awesome about being a nerd.

The answer Mr. Wheaton gave was profound. In my opinion it was dead-on and touched the very zeitgeist of the feeling I try to get across in this blog. No matter what it is you love: Dr. Who, classical composers, Star Wars, architecture, animation, parenting… it’s all about loving those things as much as you can, and finding other people who love those same things as much as you do.

The convention-goer put the video up on YouTube and it is currently making the viral-rounds in nerd-circles (which I thoroughly travel). Of course you can just watch the…

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Tweet tweet


I love following funny people on Twitter.

This is an old one but too funny not to share…

Thanks to @longwall26, @Chapinc, @donni, and @rzarosco!

Anyone have suggestions for more funny twitterers I should be following?

Tweet, tweet

More funniness from the twitterverse…

@JiminyKicksIt and @JimGaffigan – Gentlemen, thanks for the laughs!

Boys, boys… must we bicker?

A few days ago, Charlie over at How To be a Dad (HTBAD) posed a question.

Who would be a better Dad? Batman or Superman?

He then proceeded to give his opinion in the post 5 Reasons Batman Would Be a Better Dad than Superman


(HTBAD is an extremely clever and funny site and I recommend you take the time to check it out. I particularly enjoy their illustrated guides!)

After I read the post and finished laughing, I was itching to respond but decided I had better things to write about. Well, it turns out I actually don’t… Continue reading

Laughing on a Saturday night

More treats from the twitterverse!

Thanks to @JiminyKicksIt for spreading the joy.

Water in zero gravity

I just think this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen and I wanted to be sure you’ve seen it too. Check it out.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is keeping science cool!