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Bread and circuses


I’ve recently started watching The Walking Dead which, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention for the past three years, is a TV show about the titular zombies. Except, it’s not… at least, not in the way that The Vampire Diaries is about vampires or Heroes is about superheros.

The Walking Dead is actually about the people who are forced into a very stressful situation (as seeing your loved ones eaten alive by zombies would naturally be) and how their personalities and the group dynamics change in response.

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Why It’s Awesome To Be A Nerd

I saw this video today and planned to share it with you all but my fellow blogger DORKDADDY beat me to it. His post is spot on? Hey DORK! You big nerd… thanks for saving me the work!


letter At a recent convention, child actor and well-credentialed nerd ambassador Will Wheaton sat on a panel attended by conventioneers. During the question-and-answer period one convention-goer (with a video camera) told Mr. Wheaton about her recently born daughter and asked him to describe for her daughter what was awesome about being a nerd.

The answer Mr. Wheaton gave was profound. In my opinion it was dead-on and touched the very zeitgeist of the feeling I try to get across in this blog. No matter what it is you love: Dr. Who, classical composers, Star Wars, architecture, animation, parenting… it’s all about loving those things as much as you can, and finding other people who love those same things as much as you do.

The convention-goer put the video up on YouTube and it is currently making the viral-rounds in nerd-circles (which I thoroughly travel). Of course you can just watch the…

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Mom was right, TV will rot your brains!


One morning I came down the stairs and CJ asked, “Are you wearing Pajama Jeans with the amazing butt lift?” He was deadpan serious.

I was scared to ask, but I did. “What are Pajama Jeans?”

“It’s PaJAAAHma Jeans,” he said, correcting my pronunciation.

“My apologies, what are PaJAAAHma Jeans?”

“They’re jeans that are so comfortable you can sleep in them. Like pajamas,” he answered, still very serious.

“And they have amazing butt lift,” exclaimed his younger brother.

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When our eldest started school three years ago, Scooby-Doo and the gang became a strong presence in our house. Now that his little brother has joined him, we are inundated! They are in a French immersion program and the school’s library has a comprehensive collection of primer Scooby-Doo books in both languages. Let me tell you, it is a popular choice for boys in the primary to grade three set.

Did you know that when a Scooby-Doo book is translated into French, a couple of the character names are changed? Velma becomes Vera, and Shaggy becomes Sammy. Why? I don’t know, but it messes with my head! My tongue’s muscle memory is sometimes too strong and I revert to their Anglo names. I am sternly corrected each time. Continue reading

“Smiles everyone!”

My sister and I loved Fantasy Island. Each episode began with Mr. Rourke and Tattoo driving to meet the floatplane in their tricked-out orange station wagon and snappy white suits. As the guest stars stepped onto the dock to be greeted by bikini girls, Mr. Rourke would describe the gist of their fantasy to Tattoo while hinting at an inevitable plot twist. Really great television! Continue reading