The cast

Me – I’m a 46 year old mom of two boys. I’m also a biologist who works full-time in medical research. Writing helps keep me balanced. Some tidbits about me.

The Husband – My wonderful spouse of 16 years who tolerates my foibles and indulges my fantasy about being a writer.

CJ – Our son who is fourteen.

ET – Our son who is twelve.

The Sister – My older sister by 2 years. We are as close as two non-conjoined siblings could possibly be, but our busy lives make it hard to see her as much as I would like. Thank God our kids are on the same sports teams!

BDN – My beautifully dressed neighbour who is frequently featured. Her son is my offspring’s best friend.

BFF – My best friend since grade 10. We went to university in different provinces. When she moved back to Halifax, I left to travel the world. When I came back, she moved to Waterloo, Ontario. Sigh…

13 responses to “The cast

  1. How have I never read this part before. (Have I been there for a while and just didn’t know it?!) H has a few bday parties to go to and wants to get everyone a BFF necklace (secretly hoping the recipient will give the other half back to her …. in my mind I’m also sending you half … now if I did – would you wear it?

    • Yes, you have been here a long time! I love how our kids have so many BFFs. All of ET’s friends are his “best friend”. As for the necklace… in my mind I’m already wearing it. 🙂

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  5. I am also a 40 year old but a customer service person who wants to write a novel and blogs so I can vent.

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  7. One of my degrees is in biology. I once had a phone interview for a job in the field after being out of school for several years and didn’t have a clue what the guy was talking about so I pretended the dog knocked into me or something, dropped the phone and then hung it up (well clicked it off I guess). Lol, thankfully, he never called back.

    • Such professionalism… but really good thinking on your feet. You are much better suited to be a cop/lawyer than a biologist.

      I think you’ve singlehandedly doubled my readership today. Thanks for taking so much time to read my words!

  8. I can’t believe I made the cast! I’m so honoured. Got a little chuckle out of the “ET” moniker as well…

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