Letter to camp

Meatballs – Canadian camp comedy starring Bill Murray (1979)

CJ left today for a two night camp with BDN’s son. My son’s a very easy-going kid who makes friends quickly and adapts well to new situations. He’s been away at Beaver camp a couple of times and had plenty of sleepovers. The minimal preparations went smoothly and he was driving up with his buddy — nothing to worry about.

Until I forgot about the letter…

Although it is only two nights, the camp has a mail delivery during quiet time after lunch on the middle day. (The letters get left for them at drop-off.) I knew this, and all week continually reminded myself to do it, but never actually wrote the thing. There were always more pressing issues.

This morning I was ready for work and almost out the door, just shoving the final items into his bag, when I took a last look over the camp schedule and remembered the letter. Thank god!! It would be pathetic if everyone in his cabin got mail except for him. Once again, I’d be out of contention for Mother of the Year.

I ran downstairs to grab paper and then hid in the bedroom to write a quick missive. This is an abbreviated version:

Dear CJ,

Hope you have a lot of fun. We will just be sitting here while you are gone. How could we possibly have fun without you? Maybe we will just stare at the wall.

I hope you remember what we look like so that you recognize us when we come to pick you up. Here is a drawing. Hope it helps.

(A reproduction of this morning’s drawing. This one is actually better than the original.)

I’m sorry to tell you that your hamster died while you were away – oh wait, you don’t have a hamster. That must just be a dust ball.

What’s black and white but red all over? A zebra with a sunburn – Remember to wear your sunscreen!

The Husband then wrote a page of much nicer sentiments and ET added his love and some Star Wars stickers.

Hey, don’t judge me… at least I remembered to write the f-ing letter

3 responses to “Letter to camp

  1. I remember going to Science Camp and writing letters to my parents. Good times, good times.

    • The only camp I went to was tennis camp and I was too busy running punishment windsprints to have time for letters. My friends and I were always getting caught out after curfew…

      • Mine was 6th grade. I don’t think I ever broke curfew, but we never went to sleep inside the cabins.

        Maybe I should have gone over to Tennis camp. Apparently they had some cool after hours gatherings.

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