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Funny things my kids say #15


CJ’s letter to Santa had me shaking my head (no way will Santa be bringing him an iPad mini) and then roaring with laughter.

Remembering that he is in French immersion and his English spelling is atrocious, allow me to transcribe the 8 year-old’s wish list.

…iPad mini, magic 8 ball, Furby, Max Rebo minifigure,

“… a Mexican hat that goes down to your butt.”

I think he might be watching too much Bugs Bunny.

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Letter to camp

Meatballs – Canadian camp comedy starring Bill Murray (1979)

CJ left today for a two night camp with BDN’s son. My son’s a very easy-going kid who makes friends quickly and adapts well to new situations. He’s been away at Beaver camp a couple of times and had plenty of sleepovers. The minimal preparations went smoothly and he was driving up with his buddy — nothing to worry about.

Until I forgot about the letter… Continue reading

An open letter to my acne


Dear pimples,

We have been together a very long time. I mean really, since Junior High you and I have been almost inseparable. Do you remember when we first met? I do. In fact I still have that grade 8 school picture when you were peeking out from under my bangs. Boy, that was a bad perm!

I was also looking at my university graduation picture the other day and saw you. I had forgotten you were there that day. In fact, you were right there for all the major times in my life weren’t you? We even travelled the world together. You particularly enjoyed those long flights to Australia. For some reason, that recycled cabin air really brought out the best in you! Continue reading