Funny things my kids say #15


CJ’s letter to Santa had me shaking my head (no way will Santa be bringing him an iPad mini) and then roaring with laughter.

Remembering that he is in French immersion and his English spelling is atrocious, allow me to transcribe the 8 year-old’s wish list.

…iPad mini, magic 8 ball, Furby, Max Rebo minifigure,

“… a Mexican hat that goes down to your butt.”

I think he might be watching too much Bugs Bunny.

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13 responses to “Funny things my kids say #15

  1. That’s adorable and woah– what a coincidence! I ALSO asked for a sombrero that goes down to my arse!

  2. hahaha that’s so funny! I remember when I wrote a letter I asked for 14 nodding dogs (I had a rather odd obsession with them, and already owned 4).

    • So was 18 the total you were for? Was this when you got your drivers licence and you wanted them all lined up on your dash? That would be cool! Also very distracting…

      • I was actually only like 9 at the time (embarrassingly) though some of them sat in the back of my dad’s car, until he got fed up with them. I’d imagine they were quite a pain!

  3. Hysterical! I love it. That Mexican hat would be a good look, I think 😉

  4. Justin Bieber could learn a fashion tip or two from CJ.

  5. Seems like a well rounded list! 🙂

  6. How old is that one? Lol. Funny shit.

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