Friday Flashback – The Sister

Flipping through old family albums it is quickly obvious she was my first friend.


The Sister and I had our moments when we’d fight, and there were periods of sibling rivalry, but we have always been tight… as you can see from this Headlock of Love.


Was it flattering or annoying how much I wanted to be just like her?


We even had matching tennis tans!


By the time we were in junior high, we were really and truly friends. It was great to always have each other to hang out with when we were on vacation. Even if it was only in our Aunt’s wood-panelled basement in Montreal.


When I was in grade 7 and The Sister was in grade 9, she was only allowed to go to the local hang-out after a school dance if she took me along. Of course, Mom and Dad gave me instructions to observe all suspicious activity and report back to them.

I immediately turned double agent and disclosed my mission to The Sister. This garnered me some serious cool points and I became a full-fledged member of her gang of friends.

I tease Mom and Dad about this, but they really are the reason we became best friends. Now we trust each other with our lives.


We have stood for each other as we have married and are godmothers to each other’s firstborn.


This beautiful woman has been beside me for 40 years and I know she always will be. This is love.


Are you close to your siblings?

10 responses to “Friday Flashback – The Sister

  1. Oh my…the picture of you two on the swings, I swear it’s MiniP and ET!

  2. Ahhhh… you just made me cry. Thank you.. I love you just as much.

  3. I have four older sisters, but only one that I’m close to in this way. She’s the only person that can tell me what to do ๐Ÿ™‚ I miss her so much.

    • How far away is she? How often do you see each other? I would hate it if I didn’t live near my sister.

      • For many years she was in Florida and I was in Maine. Then she finally moved to Maine (about 40 min. away) and it was great for the three years or so that it lasted. She’s like a second mom to my kids, and I’m like a second mom to her daughter. Then we moved to Colorado, and she’s still in Maine. I thought she’d be able to fly out frequently to visit but she has several pets and has only been able to come out once in the almost two years that we’ve been here. I’m trying to get back east this spring for a visit…
        Anyway, I can totally relate to the relationship you have with your sister. I don’t think close sibling relationships are a given, but when they are close they’re awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

        • It’s crazy how our busy lives can keep us apart from our loved ones. The Sister and I only live 3 blocks away but still only see each other when our kids’ schedules cross. We’ve started to make “dates” just so we can get together. Here’s hoping you make it East in the Spring!

  4. With one, yes. With another, not as much as I’d like to be. Enjoyed your visual journey. ๐Ÿ™‚

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