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Friday Flashback – The Sister

Flipping through old family albums it is quickly obvious she was my first friend.


The Sister and I had our moments when we’d fight, and there were periods of sibling rivalry, but we have always been tight… as you can see from this Headlock of Love. Continue reading

Do you like me?

At work today, in an e-mail, I told someone I liked her. She is always perky and supportive, and is lovely to talk to, and… well… I like her. It felt strange as I typed it and I realized that I haven’t said “I like you” to anyone in a very long time. Probably not since junior high school and I was attempting to communicate with a shy boy.

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Out of time…

To my writing group: Sorry ladies, I didn’t get those new chapters to you as promised.

To my book club: I didn’t get a chance to read the book.

To my dad: I meant to have a freezer full of home cooked meals for you.

To my sister: Happy birthday! XOXOXO

To my mom: You are the greatest woman I know. Happy mother’s day!

To my readers: Please don’t abandon me.

To my husband: I love you. Let’s go to Italy!

Mom and Dad are moving in to look after the kids and we are off to Italy for two weeks. Huzzah! I am not be taking anything electronic with me (except my e-reader of course) so there will be no posts for a fortnight. I’m sure I’ll have lots to share upon my return.


Weekend wrap-up

Whew! We just had a crazy  busy weekend.

Our eldest just turned eight and our youngest will be six next week so we had a joint birthday party for them on Saturday. We have gotten away with this every year because the kids are still excited to celebrate together and the majority of the invites are mutual friends anyway.

One cake and one afternoon of insanity, then it is over until the next year. Anyone can put up with fifteen screaming boys for a few hours when you know you won’t have to do it again for another year. You’ll still need a stiff drink when it is over, but you can do it.

My day off on Friday was spent making the cake. Here are a couple of pictures.   Continue reading