Weekend wrap-up

Whew! We just had a crazy  busy weekend.

Our eldest just turned eight and our youngest will be six next week so we had a joint birthday party for them on Saturday. We have gotten away with this every year because the kids are still excited to celebrate together and the majority of the invites are mutual friends anyway.

One cake and one afternoon of insanity, then it is over until the next year. Anyone can put up with fifteen screaming boys for a few hours when you know you won’t have to do it again for another year. You’ll still need a stiff drink when it is over, but you can do it.

My day off on Friday was spent making the cake. Here are a couple of pictures.  



As you see, we are a Montreal Canadiens household. I made a fondant figure for each boy with their name and age on the back of the team jerseys. My husband thinks I’m crazy and tells me you can buy plastic figures to put on cakes. I’m willing to be insane so I can be the cause of that delight in my boys’ eyes!

Saturday evening was spent with my parents and sister. Mom and Dad took their daughters out for dinner and then to the musical Legally Blond. Our theater in Halifax isn’t big but they do big productions and they do them well. The show was fantastic. Great cast and amazing musicians.

Thankfully, we had a slow Sunday morning before we headed over to my sister’s house for lunch to celebrate our nephew’s First Communion. It was a gorgeous day today, so we were able to keep all the kids out in the backyard. Six cousins ranging from four to nine make for a very noisy get-together. Almost right on the heels of that shindig, we headed over to my in-laws for dinner. There was only one cousin there but four Shiloh Shepherds  and an Italian Mastiff. A little less noise but a hell of a lot more hair and slobber.

Now we are home and the boys are in bed. I may have five minutes left in me before I’ll be asleep myself.

I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing day at work tomorrow!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Love reading this Blog.

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