Dangnamit kids!

I’m quickly becoming one of those crotchety people who complains about “kids” today. We live and work near two large universities and, while the majority are a fantastic bunch of young men and women, there are a lot of idiots wandering our fair city. My list of grievances is long but there is one that is routinely at the top of my hit parade.

Why do they have to be such morons when they cross the street?! WHY?!

As I was driving home tonight, two university-aged women were crossing the street when they met a friend crossing from the other direction. They actually stopped in the middle of the crosswalk and had a little chat before they hugged and said their farewells.

It is true that this little interchange didn’t take more than a minute, and I was the only car that was waiting on them to cross, but it was as if they were completely unaware that they were in the middle of the road. A road built specifically for vehicular traffic.

In retrospect, I should have laid on the horn and scared the shit out of them but I think I was in shock. My chin may have actually have been on my chest.

I am the first to admit that I’m overly conscious of how my actions affect others, and that I need to chill out. I apologise far too often for things that are entirely out of my control because inconvenience stresses me out. I’m hyper-aware of other people’s problems and I just want to make things better.

So yes, I may score unhealthily high on the consideration spectrum, but these girls were completely oblivious of anything other than their own conversation. Or else they just didn’t give a shit.

When a car stops for me at a crosswalk, I make eye-contact and give a little hand wave of thanks. Sometimes I even do that little fake run. I don’t expect this from the youth of today. I don’t need to be acknowledged for the fact that I stopped at a pedestrian crossing as the law and my own moral code compel me to do. However, I do expect you to get your ass out of my way in a timely manner!

Now, don’t even get me started on how they block the grocery store aisles with their carts…

6 responses to “Dangnamit kids!

  1. Sandy Mackay

    Repeat after me…”Get off my lawn, whippersnappers!”
    The same types of behaviour irk me, but I’m always trying to remember that I was probably just as clueless and annoying when I was ‘that age’. It’s better for the blood pressure 🙂

    • Sandy… is this MY Sandy?

      • Sandy Mackay

        Yes it is 🙂
        I saw the link to this blog on your Facebook page. It’s beautifully written. Well done! How do you get the time/motivation to provide daily updates?

    • Ahhh… thanks Sandy. The daily thing is the challenge. I’ve been writing fiction for several years now but still struggle to maintain a consistent schedule. This is a bit of an exercise to force a daily practice into my life. E-mail me and tell me what you are up to. Info is on contact page.

  2. Now that I’ve read this, ill remember to not stop in the middle of the road. I must admit, I’ve done it once but I’ve also done the fake run and wave of thanks too. I guess it evens it out a little haha… Your blog is very pleasant to read. Your children stories are heart warming. Keep it up! 🙂

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