Mom was right, TV will rot your brains!


One morning I came down the stairs and CJ asked, “Are you wearing Pajama Jeans with the amazing butt lift?” He was deadpan serious.

I was scared to ask, but I did. “What are Pajama Jeans?”

“It’s PaJAAAHma Jeans,” he said, correcting my pronunciation.

“My apologies, what are PaJAAAHma Jeans?”

“They’re jeans that are so comfortable you can sleep in them. Like pajamas,” he answered, still very serious.

“And they have amazing butt lift,” exclaimed his younger brother.

In case you also have no idea what they were talking about, here they are.

PaJAAAHma Jeans

PaJAAAHma Jeans

I needed to find out some more information. “Where did you guys learn about Pajama Jeans?” I was very careful in my pronunciation.

“TV,” was the unison answer.

CJ continued to explain, “It’s a long commercial, but not as long as the no!no! That one’s super long.”

“The no!no!?” I asked. This I knew about from newspaper flyers, but was shocked to know that they did.

“The no!no! body hair removal system,” said my son… my eight year old son.

And once again, his younger brother chimed in. “Yup. No hair, no pain. The no!no!”

Looks like fun!

Looks like fun!

My kids don’t watch a lot of TV, but we do DVR a few shows for them. One of their favorites is Looney Tunes. I only like Pepé Le Pew (“I am ze locksmith of love, no?”) so they watch it alone or with their dad. However, the television network execs obviously think that moms everywhere are tuning in.

(Also very apparent, although they are under instructions to do so, the boys are not skipping through the commercials.)

I have since discovered that, in addition to Pajama Jeans and the no!no!, they are also fluent in the language of Swiffer, Febreze and Clorox Wipes.

These target audience moms must be very busy cleaning when they are not removing all of their body hair. No wonder they’re too tired to take off their jeans before going to bed!

(For the record, I do not own Pajama Jeans or a no!no!. Nor am I endorsing them in any way.)

4 responses to “Mom was right, TV will rot your brains!

  1. We record Garfield and one of the recurring commercial for that show is the pancake maker (forget the brand name…I’m sure Eldon knows it), and when it comes on he always calls me into the room when they make the pancakes with chocolate chips, “Seeeeee…you can put chocolate chips IN the pancakes!” Like it’s the ONLY way that can be done. I didn’t tell him you can do it without the machine because I don’t want to put them in our pancakes. I’ll let him go on thinking you need the machine.

    At least they aren’t old enough to know how to actually buy the stuff. I know someone whose daughter has bought all kinds of stuff from the Shopping Channel using her mom’s credit card.

    Great post!

    • Thanks! Too funny about the pancakes. When my friend Sarah was visiting, she put c.chips in the pancakes one morning and the boys have been begging me to do it every since. I stick with the blueberries…

  2. Laughed out loud at this entry! Does the No No work??

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