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Dear God! What is that thing?

This is a Sphynx kitten.

Thanks to Geoff at pretty awful things for bring it to my attention this morning. Now I can’t stop thinking about it.

He’s kinda cute in a helpless-baby-animal sort of way, but he’s also slightly hideous in a brain-carved-into-the-shape-of-a-cat sort of way. I’m feeling very conflicted.

This picture has totally got me wondering if all kitten skin is like this but they are covered with so much fur we can’t tell. It’s like they have all of their skin at birth but need to grow into it. Can you imagine if we were born this way? That would be a lot of extra skin to be carting around…

prettyawfulthings is definitely worth a follow. Geoff posts about strange and odd and pretty and awful things. Recent post have featured incredible art made from table salt, Roman nanotechnology, a sheep herding bunny, and a bicycle powered treehouse elevator. All incredibly amazing and new to me.

Please excuse me now, I’ve got to go find a furry kitten to shave.

Seriously, do you think all kittens have this much skin under their fur?