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Tweet, tweet

After a somber day it is great to lighten up…




@WickedCynic and @JiminyKicksIt – Thanks for the laughs!

Tweet tweet


I love following funny people on Twitter.

This is an old one but too funny not to share…

Thanks to @longwall26, @Chapinc, @donni, and @rzarosco!

Anyone have suggestions for more funny twitterers I should be following?

Tweet, tweet

More funniness from the twitterverse…

@JiminyKicksIt and @JimGaffigan – Gentlemen, thanks for the laughs!

Laughing on a Saturday night

More treats from the twitterverse!

Thanks to @JiminyKicksIt for spreading the joy.

A friend calls me Wilma Flintstone. I call him Keith.

I am a notoriously late-adopter. As such, I have only recently joined the twitterverse. Even more recently, I learned the term twitterverse.

The list of people I follow isn’t very long; there are my writing friends, my friend friends, and publishers who I wish were my friends. I also follow a few people I think are hilarious. Yes, of course I mean you. Continue reading