A friend calls me Wilma Flintstone. I call him Keith.

I am a notoriously late-adopter. As such, I have only recently joined the twitterverse. Even more recently, I learned the term twitterverse.

The list of people I follow isn’t very long; there are my writing friends, my friend friends, and publishers who I wish were my friends. I also follow a few people I think are hilarious. Yes, of course I mean you.

The 140 character tweet is a form of communication that lends itself perfectly to witticism. As such, my latest followee is the master of the quip himself, Stephen Colbert.

In case you aren’t following him yourself, here are a few of my recent favorites. (There are over 200 million active Twitter users and only 5 million follow Mr. Colbert. There’s a fair chance you’re not one of them, right?)


This is only a smattering of the funny that’s out there.

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