Tin anyone?

I have never understood how the “traditional” wedding anniversary gifts were originally designated. Why paper for the first and wood for the fifth? I mean, you need wood to make paper… you’d think the order would be reversed, right?

Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary and to mark the occasion we went for sushi. Then, so we’d be out late enough for my Dad to get the boys to bed, we wandered the neighbourhood and into our local bike shop. We bought new helmets for each other. They are not made of tin.

Our anniversaries have always passed with a relative lack of hoopla. A couple of years ago we both forgot entirely until my mother-in-law called in the evening with her good wishes. It would have been terrible if only one of us forgot (especially him, of course) but it still cracks us up that we both did!

There are things in the physical world that have fixed and known values and will be the same under all conditions, such as gravity and the speed of light. These are called “constants”. The beauty of these constants is that they can be used to make theoretical extrapolations or, more simply, predictions of behavior.

Before we were officially hitched, we knew each other for about fifteen years and were dating, engaged and/or living together for four of them. My husband is a dependable guy and, except for that one very vivid dream I had in which he enthusiastically cheated on me with a nimble 18 year-old, I have never had any reason to think that our marriage won’t last the ages.

We don’t make a big deal about our anniversary because it’s not a big deal. Of course we are still married year after year; my husband is my constant.

Just for fun, here’s our wedding invitation from all those years ago.

Notification of Solemnization

Warmest wishes and salutations
To our friends and families across the nations
We happily extend this invitation
For you to join in our wedding celebration.

Next April 17th, this is notification,
In Varadero, Cuba (a beautiful location!)
We will joyfully proceed with the legitimization
Of our currently questionable situation.

If you find this excites your imagination
(We know you deserve the rest and relaxation)
Perhaps you’ll consider this welcome temptation
To come and be a part of our congregation.

We will be pleased to provide further information
As well as any necessary clarification
So please contact us now without hesitation
Our phone lines are open and there’s no obligation!

We hasten to emphasize that your main motivation
Must truly be that of your own gratification —
That is, your desire for a southern vacation
(Regarding attendance, we have no expectation).

And so to conclude this recitation
We thank you for your kindness and consideration
And request that you provide us with confirmation
As we intend to coordinate a group reservation.

We’re so nerdy together.

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