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I’m recovering from some surgery and unable to write anything new, but I would like to repost my piece from a year ago as a way to remember.

April 16, 2013

By now you’ve seen the pictures and clips. You have read the posts, tweets and texts. You have seen how Bostonians immediately dropped everything to look after their city. Thousands of shocked and displaced runners were clothed, fed and housed as an incredible reply to the horrific bombings. I love Boston and her people, so this didn’t surprise me. In fact, there was only one thing about yesterday that did surprise me. Continue reading

Tin anyone?

I have never understood how the “traditional” wedding anniversary gifts were originally designated. Why paper for the first and wood for the fifth? I mean, you need wood to make paper… you’d think the order would be reversed, right?

Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary and to mark the occasion we went for sushi. Then, so we’d be out late enough for my Dad to get the boys to bed, we wandered the neighbourhood and into our local bike shop. We bought new helmets for each other. They are not made of tin. Continue reading