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Funny things my kids say #17


This is a picture of our local roundabout… with no traffic.

The boys and I now travel this route on Friday evenings, during the height of traffic, on the way to swimming lessons. Last week I found myself in the wrong lane and had to pull off an impressive feat of merging. It intrigued the kids and a slew of questions ensued.

For the rest of the drive, I explained why I had rolled the window down to make better eye contact.  I described how I had  mouthed, “Can I go?” and pointed in front of the neighbouring car. I recounted how my fellow driver had pointed back and given the thumbs up and that my over-the-shoulder wave had been in thanks…  and yes, he had waved back.

After this  long-winded (and slightly self-congratulatory) explanation, there was a pause. Then the 6-year-old asked…

“Is that how you and Daddy fell in love?”

Glad I wasn’t the only one who saw such beauty in the maneuver.

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Funny things my kids say #16


In typical Nova Scotia fashion, our current winter weather is rain on the cusp of freezing and the children are housebound. We’ve invited BDN’s son over to play and he has just earned himself a guest appearance in Funny things my kids say

While digging through our toy box, the eight-year-old exclaimed,

“Wow! It’s been years since I’ve seen a slinky!”

Isn’t it nice to reminisce about your earlier childhood?

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Funny things my kids say #15


CJ’s letter to Santa had me shaking my head (no way will Santa be bringing him an iPad mini) and then roaring with laughter.

Remembering that he is in French immersion and his English spelling is atrocious, allow me to transcribe the 8 year-old’s wish list.

…iPad mini, magic 8 ball, Furby, Max Rebo minifigure,

“… a Mexican hat that goes down to your butt.”

I think he might be watching too much Bugs Bunny.

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Funny things my kids say #14


(Apologies for my extended absence. I was waylaid by the flu last week and have just gotten back up to speed.)

On Friday morning I overheard the 6-year-old start this conversation with his brother,

ET – “On a date, do you think it is better to go to a movie or go to dinner and drink wine?”

CJ – “A movie.”

ET – “No, I mean if you are adults and in love.”

CJ – “Oh, then definitely dinner with wine.”

ET – “Yeah, I think so too.”

I’m not sure who my boys are planning on wooing… but at least they’ve got class!

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Funny things my kids say #13


If you are ever being chased by zombies, ET is the person to have running beside you. This kid cannot run for any significant distance without tripping. In fact, it is so predictable, The Husband can often do a precise countdown from the beginning of his run to the anticipated tripping point.

The good thing about all this tripping, is that he is now incredibly resilient and bounces right back up with a hearty, “I’m okay!”

On Saturday, we attended a pre-parade party. It was a beautifully mild evening and the horde of children were outside chasing each other around the house while us adults had drinks inside.  As we were leaving to walk to the parade, I noted ET’s muddied knees as evidence of his usual stumbles.

Walking down the front walk to the sidewalk, the 6-year-old was jubilant, exclaiming how much fun the party had been. He then became very serious, pointed to a low-lying shrub in the yard and said,

“Mommy, see that bush… it’s my arch-enemy.”

Apparently, as he ran laps around the house, the same bush had tripped him every time.

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Funny things my kids say #12


I recently cleaned out some old office space and came across this drawing. This is its story…

A couple of years ago, I received a call from daycare that ET had a fever. I quickly left to pick him up but had to come back to the office to gather some work to bring home. I set ET up with some scrap paper and a pencil to keep him busy.

My office mate, Sue, was going to the gym to work out. She said goodbye to ET and went to the bathroom to change.

When we were ready to leave, I stopped to admire ET’s drawing. The 4-year-old’s deadpan explanation was,

“It’s a picture of Sue… naked.”

This scrap was immediately taped to our office wall in a place of honour. It’s a keeper… but I’ve always really hoped that the centre design was his attempt at a belly button!

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Funny things my kids say #11

Rafa pics (picks?) for my mom!

Rafa pics (picks?) for my mom!

This morning, shortly after getting dressed for school, the 6-year-old called out in distress,

“I need new pants! These ones keep following my bum!”

Turns out he had a wedgie.

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Funny things my kids say #10

1-year-old ET asleep in the living room. I wonder what he was dreaming about then.

1-year-old ET asleep in the living room. I wonder what he was dreaming about then.

As usual this morning, The Husband was up very early, well before the rest of us, getting himself ready for his bike to work.

He was in the kitchen when he heard ET shout out, “Mommy… mumble, mumble, mumble… hangnail!”

He raced upstairs to quiet him down, saying, “Shhhh… It’s too early, Mommy and CJ are still sleeping.”

Still more than half-asleep himself, the 6-year-old muttered back,

“Sorry… that was supposed to be in my dream.”

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Funny things my kids say #9

We use a lot of Crazy Glue!

We use a lot of Crazy Glue!

One of ET’s first nicknames was Destructor (said in a super-hero voice). When he could talk well enough to say, “Stop calling me that!” we did… to his face.

This weekend, ET was sent inside by his big brother to report the latest breakage (just a pair of nail clippers they were using to cut pipe-cleaners).

On his way back out, just before the door slammed shut, I heard the 8-year-old ask,

“Did she say ‘Okay’ or ‘Uuugghh*’?”

*huge sigh of disgust

I guess predictable isn’t the worst thing I could be.

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Funny things my kids say #8


Back in July, I wrote about having “the talk” with CJ. As I wrote in that post we have always used the proper names for the various body parts.

Thank goodness we have. If not, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of hearing this explanation from the 6-year-old when I found pee on the bathroom floor (yet again).

“I couldn’t help it! My penis skin was stuck to my testpickle!”

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