Funny things my kids say #12


I recently cleaned out some old office space and came across this drawing. This is its story…

A couple of years ago, I received a call from daycare that ET had a fever. I quickly left to pick him up but had to come back to the office to gather some work to bring home. I set ET up with some scrap paper and a pencil to keep him busy.

My office mate, Sue, was going to the gym to work out. She said goodbye to ET and went to the bathroom to change.

When we were ready to leave, I stopped to admire ET’s drawing. The 4-year-old’s deadpan explanation was,

“It’s a picture of Sue… naked.”

This scrap was immediately taped to our office wall in a place of honour. It’s a keeper… but I’ve always really hoped that the centre design was his attempt at a belly button!

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9 responses to “Funny things my kids say #12

  1. I wonder what that thing is … 😆 and that facial hair. Kids are precious.

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  4. Kids and their idea of what a belly button is. Ha Ha!

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