Funny things my kids say #17


This is a picture of our local roundabout… with no traffic.

The boys and I now travel this route on Friday evenings, during the height of traffic, on the way to swimming lessons. Last week I found myself in the wrong lane and had to pull off an impressive feat of merging. It intrigued the kids and a slew of questions ensued.

For the rest of the drive, I explained why I had rolled the window down to make better eye contact.  I described how I had  mouthed, “Can I go?” and pointed in front of the neighbouring car. I recounted how my fellow driver had pointed back and given the thumbs up and that my over-the-shoulder wave had been in thanks…  and yes, he had waved back.

After this  long-winded (and slightly self-congratulatory) explanation, there was a pause. Then the 6-year-old asked…

“Is that how you and Daddy fell in love?”

Glad I wasn’t the only one who saw such beauty in the maneuver.

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9 responses to “Funny things my kids say #17

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  2. Hilarious!! 🙂 (Btw, WAS it?!)

  3. Aaaw. I have no idea what this actually means from your child’s point of view, but it sounds like to him, love is a negotiation. I’d have to agree! Now how the heck do I get a link from my blog to your blog? WordPress is killing me with it’s unnecessary complexity!!!

  4. That made me laugh out loud!

  5. It’s a Punchyish world is it not?

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