my youth

Have you seen my youth?

Today is my 40th birthday.

It is hard to be depressed over your birthday when you have young children; they’re just so damn excited about it. My six-year-old has had a countdown going for the last three days.

I’ve always been pretty nonchalant about age. The year I was 28 I spent about nine months telling people I was 29 by mistake. It really hasn’t been something that I’ve been thinking about that much. I guess when my husband and sister both turned 40 a couple of years ago I mentally turned along with them.

However, as laissez-faire as I am about my age, now that this milestone birthday has actually arrived it does give me pause for thought.

As I sit here on my little notebook whipping this post out into the blogosphere, I remember when my family got it’s first computer. I was ten and it was a Commodore 64. It got it’s name from the impressive 64K RAM.


We played Pong.


Now I feel like I’m 40!

16 responses to “LOST!

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  2. I didn’t handle 40 all that great myself.

  3. I believe that our youth is still dancing on the speakers at Jerry’s!

  4. 50’s are even better!

  5. Happy Birthday Steph!
    yes yes. I empathize. i am hosting my niece and her friends – graduating from HIGH SCHOOL. WTF. They look like they just jumped off the cover of Cosmo (No not Elle, not Flare…) young and skinny and … We (the royal and general WE, the youth of the 80’s and 90’s that is) never looked that good. lucky them. Sigh. back to my glass of wine. I too will escape elegance.

  6. I was dancing with a much younger coworker at a work function and I said “I love this song, I used to have the 45” and his response was “what’s a 45?”. We are old indeed!

  7. Happy B-Day Steph!! Lots of love!

  8. I knew I was old when I mentioned the Berlin Wall to a (young) co-worker. He didn’t understand the reference…and then I remembered that it came down before he was born. Sigh.

    Anyway, happy birthday!

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