Ephemeral and eternal

Frescos, ceilings, tapestries, mosaics, sculptures… there are just too many beautiful things in Rome to name.

One image, however, has stayed with me the strongest. Petals and stone.

poppies in ruins

Amid the ruins of Rome, wild poppies grow everywhere. In the Forum, their red is fleeting against the eternal grey.

Poppies in forum ruins

In Rome’s ancient harbour city of Ostia Antica, some walls date back to third century BC.

Ostia poppies close

This mosaic is the floor of a two thousand-year old school.

School floor in Ostia

The poppies have a tenuous hold.

mosaic poppies

They’re probably already gone.

3 responses to “Ephemeral and eternal

  1. These are the same kind of poppies I used to see when I lived in Portugal. I loved coming across a field of them or even just a few in the same kind of spaces as you have above. Portugal isn’t quite as old as Italy, but it does have cofee shops older than Canada!

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