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Find what you were looking for?

Using a publishing platform such as WordPress makes blogging so easy, and there are lots of features that make it fun. As I wrote in this post, I love to look at the statistics and track which topics are popular and where my readers are coming from.

By this, I don’t actually mean where in the world they are coming from but rather, where in the internet they are coming from. But, while we are on the topic of geography, I actually can see the countries of my readers and that is super cool. So… Continue reading

Laughing on a Saturday night

More treats from the twitterverse!

Thanks to @JiminyKicksIt for spreading the joy.

On blogging

People are skeptical when I tell them I’m shy. I guess my acting, public speaking and propensity to be the life of the party is part of the problem. I now realize I’ve been using the wrong term; I’m not shy, I’m an introvert. Continue reading