Why Escaping Elegance?



Pronunciation: /ˈɛlɪg(ə)ns/

The quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

After I explained my header images and how they signify my ideal life, my beautifully dressed neighbour asked me to also clarify my moniker, Escaping Elegance…

A lot of words could be used to describe me (most of them good) but graceful and stylish will never be among them.

I think a big part of achieving success is setting realistic and obtainable goals. I know I am smart, hard-working, and an overachiever… but I also know my limits. I may be charming but I will never be chic; pure, but never polished; gentle, but never genteel; savvy, but never sophisticated.

After reading about my recent fall and my various bumps and bruises over the years, you can understand why my go-to phrase has often been, “Elegance escapes me.”

As I’ve matured and have begun to accept who I am, I’ve decided that sounds too passive. I no longer think that elegance escape me… I now believe it is me who’s escaping elegance.

Why the hell would I want to be chic, polished, genteel, or sophisticated?  I’d rather just be me.

6 responses to “Why Escaping Elegance?

  1. The blog name is actually Perfect. Now hearing the meaning behind it “perfectest” if there is such a word.

  2. Thanks for clarifying. Makes perfect sense. And I’d rather you be you too.

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