My ideal life

Today I had a question posed on my contact page (Thanks Pat!) about the pictures I have been using in my headers. I thought the answer should be shared with all of you.

When I was initially designing this blog, I wanted the esthetic to be simple and personal. The images I chose for the header rotations are small samples of beautiful paintings that signify how I hope to always live my life.

Relaxed, near the ocean, full of love, surrounded by my family, and always with a good book nearby.

Children at Play on the Beach by Edward Henry Potthastedward-henry-potthast-children-at-play-on-the-beach

In Bed by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec781px-Lautrec_in_bed_1893

Boys in a Dory I by Winslow HomerBoys_in_a_Dory_I

The New Novel also by Winslow Homerwinslow-homer-the-new-novel

The Young Yachtsman by Joaquín SorollaThe-Young-Yachtsman-1909-xx-Joaquin-Sorolla-y-Bastida

 Bathtime also by Joaquín SorollaJoaquin-Sorolla-y-Bastida-Bath-time-Valencia

Lady In White Reading by Emilie Caroline Mundtlady-in-white-reading-emilie-caroline-mundt

Breakfast in Bed by Mary Cassat

Late Night Reading by Pino Daeni97586100_4682843_pino_late_night_reading

Perhaps in the future these images will change… but for now, they are perfect.

6 responses to “My ideal life

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  2. I love the pics as well. Maybe you could write also write a post about your Blog name, “Escaping Elegance”? I think I get it, but not completely sure.

  3. Beautiful response, the pictures definitely exude the feelings you described

  4. I’ve never seen ‘The New Novel’. Lovely picture.

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