A Canadian, an Australian and an Irishman walk into an American drug store…

Image: Guardian.co.uk using images from iStockphoto

Image: Guardian.co.uk using images from iStockphoto

Every year, when I was travelling with the tennis tour, I worked an event in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Shortly after this tournament, I would head back to Canada for a few weeks off before heading over to Europe.

While in Hilton Head, I received an e-mail request from a very close friend. He had an allergy and could only use latex-free condoms. In those days, they were still difficult to find in Canada and he was hoping I could pick him up a few boxes before heading home.

All the chair umpires were sharing a couple of condos for the week and two of my friends (Aussie and Irish) had rented a car so we could go out in the evenings. One day after work, I asked if they could drive me to a drug store to go condom shopping. They were thrilled to help.

Oh… did I mention that these pals of mine were men? Well, they were (still are actually) and there was no way in hell that they were going to wait in the car.

As I purchased the three or four boxes of latex-free condoms that first store had in stock, my escorts stood grinning at the cashier – one on each side of me. They thought it was hilarious.

It was quickly decided that more boxes were needed, so we visited every drug store on the island. In each one, I purchased their entire stock of latex-free condoms and, in each one, my friends were by my side grinning and nodding like the fools they were. (In a couple of stores, they even requested a check out back to make sure we didn’t miss any!)

I don’t how well my friends remember that night, but it is burned into my memory and remains one of my all-time favorites.

I’m just thankful I didn’t get stopped coming back through customs!

2 responses to “A Canadian, an Australian and an Irishman walk into an American drug store…

  1. I can just imagine all the scenarios running through the heads of the cashiers at those drug stores — single girl casually buying multiple boxes of condoms with TWO grinning men eagerly watching her. I bet that story made the rounds on the island pretty quickly!

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