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More than physical therapy

I'm bringing sexy back!

I’m bringing sexy back!

I had a physiotherapy appointment this morning. My sprained ankle from the beginning of August continues to be sprained. Everything is still swollen and is somehow both too loose and too tight at the same time.

The major issue is that I continue to injure it on a daily basis. I’ll take a step and my foot lands a little off kilter, or I’ll pivot and my foot stays in place. A couple of weeks ago, the doctor told me to “stay off it”‘ but then we both had a good laugh knowing that wasn’t going to happen.

Considering I have full insurance coverage, and I can see the physio clinic down the street from my front porch, there is no excuse for me not going for treatment before today. I just kept forgetting to make an appointment.

This clinic happens to be owned by someone I met through my work with ALS. Her best friend and business partner was a patient and they always came to the clinic appointments together. Today she was my physiotherapist. Continue reading

Funny things my kids say #5


I stumbled down some stairs today and sprained my ankle. (I’m okay Mom!)

I was carrying an armload of stuff, as usual, and landed in a heap on the grass. Luckily, the only witnesses were the boys and The Husband, who was bringing up the rear with his own armload of stuff.

When I didn’t immediately pop back up, The Husband went back in for an ice pack and the boys planted their bums on the stairs, repeatedly asking, “Mommy, are you okay?”

While I rolled on the ground in that early state of is-it-broken-or-just-sprained pain, I happened to pass some gas. My 8-year-old brightened up and exclaimed,

“Well, there’s nothing that doesn’t feel better after a little fart!”

He was right, suddenly I couldn’t stop laughing…

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