Ahhh… spring has sprung!

For those of you who may not have understood my whinging about winter on the East Coast of Canada, here are some pictures from the last few days…

A few from downtown Halifax on Wednesday.

winter storm

Image: The Canadian Press/Andrew Vaughan

Image: The Globe and Mail/Paul Darrow

Image: The Globe and Mail/Paul Darrow

Image: The Globe and Mail/Paul Darrow

Image: The Globe and Mail/Paul Darrow

Mid-storm in Charlottetown, PEI.

Image: Sally Pitt

Image: Sally Pitt

The aftermath on Thursday morning in Summerside, PEI.

Image: David Parker

Image: David Parker

You don’t believe that it was a serious storm? How about this shot from Ellerslie, PEI.

Image: @CBCPEI

Image: @CBCPEI

It’s driving us all a little looney. Just this evening, ET began digging a tunnel to nowhere.


Now the temperature is rising and we’ll have a high of 10° C and rain for the next four days. Let the basement flooding begin!

14 responses to “Ahhh… spring has sprung!

  1. I love cold weather and cannot wait for winter to settle in here soon, although it’s seldom very cold.
    Hope sunshine brightens your day today!

  2. This is why I stay inside and snuggle. I feel badly for my people friends who have to go outside. Keep warm people friend.

  3. Eeesh, it’s April tomorrow and the weather over there is still like this?! Brutal

  4. Yuck! I was complaining about 38 degree weather and flurries today…I take it back…YOU win!!:)

  5. From the US MId Atlantic area, where we’ve had an amazingly bad winter….my sympathy! I’ve put the heavy coat away three times, only to have to dig it out in order to go back to shoveling snow. We missed that storm…sorry you didn’t!

  6. Ugh. I am so sorry! I am not a winter person by any stretch of the imagination! I start whining about cold once I see 40. This winter has been cold in Central NY but not crazy like this! Love your tenacity and perseverance for sure. 🙂 LOL

  7. Get the hip waders out and patched! Enjoy the thaw.

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