11 reasons I’m sick of winter



Apparently spring is on its way, not that the official date of the vernal equinox has ever mattered here in Nova Scotia. Our winter has a serious attitude problem and will hang around as long as it damn well pleases… thank you very much.

Usually I don’t tire of the snow and cold until at least the end of March but I think that the trip to Florida might have tripped a switch in my brain a few weeks early. This is all to say that I’m tired of winter and just want it to go home.

11 reasons I’m sick of winter

1) Fighting with the kids over snow pants – I know I’ll have the same complaint in the summer with regard to sunscreen and hats, but a certain eye rolling eight-year-old is really getting on my nerves with his daily no-snow-pants campaign.

2) Trying to stuff liners back in boots – Why are those removable liners such a breeze to remove and such a bitch to get back in? My fight with them in the morning inevitably leads to a bent back nail and then my hands smell like sweaty kid feet.

3) Wet stuff drying on radiators – We have beautiful old hot water radiators throughout the house but all winter they are draped with hats, mitts, jackets and snow pants. Oh and those boot liners, of course.

4) Static electricity – I now live in fear of opening any door with a metal knob and folding clothes full of fleece sweatshirts just makes my skin crawl. I feel like the cat in the picture.

5) Hockey gear – Starting on Friday evening, The Husband and both boys spend the majority of the weekend on the ice. There is a pile of sticks in the corner beside the front door that never moves and all weekend there are huge hockey bags in the foyer that just get stepped over until they’re put away on Sunday night. Say nothing of the furnace room in the basement where the gear gets aired out through the week on “sports trees”.

6) Noisy boys inside – How I long for the carefree days of summer when the boys and their friends would be outside until I called them in for bed. I would even feed them just by tossing food outside. These days, the weather is either too wet or too cold. After an hour, even I can’t force them to stay out any longer. I’m currently in the process of building a shrine to the real estate gods to thank them for our basement.

7) Salt stains – Who doesn’t hate the stiff white hems of pants that have soaked up the melted slush of the sidewalks and that horrible white crust that forms on your black leather boots? It also makes it harder to find your car in a parking lot because everyone’s paint now looks to be the same dirty shade of grey.

8) Dark and grey days – The days are finally getting longer, which is a good thing because months of waking up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark have caused my other senses to kick-in to overdrive. Have I mentioned the stinky boot liners?

9) Dry skin – My trademark black clothing, while slimming and easy to coordinate, only serves to highlight my seasonal full body flakiness. I’m also wearing away the door jambs around the house with all of the back scratching I’m doing.

10) Getting out of a warm bed – It is an internationally well-known fact that I’m not a morning person. Add frigid air and a cold floor into the mix and that snooze button is being hit at least three extra times before I will admit to being awake.

11) Talking about the weather – In warm weather climes, what do people talk about in elevators? Seriously, how do you break the silence with strangers if you don’t have the windchill to discuss?

Yes, I see the irony in my last point.

What do you hate about winter?

30 responses to “11 reasons I’m sick of winter

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  2. I hate static electricity, dry skin and getting out of a warm bed also! I also just hate being cold. Because it sucks and makes me whiney. Whiney isn’t cute. True story. Great post : )

  3. I live in San Diego, and I hate summer. I’m mourning the fact that spring is here, and that summer is around the corner. Yes, I know we don’t really have a winter down here in Southern California, and that most of us have fried brains from all the sunshine. But I truly get depressed when summer comes around. I’m glad at least our friends to the north have something to look forward to.

    • Is summer too hot? I’ve been to San Diego a few times but never in the summer. How funny that you dread the coming of summer and we can’t wait.

      • No it’s not that it’s too hot. I live near the ocean (I know, I am such a whiner!) so we never get extreme temperatures. I just get more depressed during the summertime. It’s been that way for a long time. Maybe it’s the expectation to be happy during the long days of summer; I don’t know. I’m just more of a winter person, I suppose. Glad Nova Scotians have the upcoming months to look forward to, though.

  4. I nominated your blog for the Liebster award! http://thismomgig.wordpress.com/2014/03/10/the-liebster-award/
    I love your blog! Not going to lie, though, I envy your winter. All we have in Central California is a lousy drought and warm sunny days. Trust me, they get so old. I miss Oregon, where, yes, winter would get a little long.

  5. Lets just talk about number 2 for a moment, I understand you whole heartily with the struggle of these shoe linings, It’s almost as if you have to sell your soul (haha sole.) to fix the stupid problem.

  6. I always get excited about that first snow! But then it sits on the ground for months, goes crispy and turns black. Also, in China people seem to vomit all the time, which then freezes and accumulates until the big defrost in Spring time… It’s all about autumn for me. But I guess you don’t get much of an autumn up in Nova Scotia, do you!

    • Thanks for your comment… I think. Yuck! Why so much vomit? This is just randomly disgusting!!
      I actually love winter – I’m a skier! What kills me is the way it drags along half assed for an extra two months in which nothing wintery can be enjoyed.
      P.S. We actually have a beautiful Autumn here in NS and it is my favourite season. 🙂

      • I think it’s all the roadside eateries with questionable hygiene standards, but if I’m honest I have asked myself the same question many a time.
        Well, a beautiful Autumn up there is now going to be added to the list of reasons I have to go to Canada one day…

  7. I could essentially recite your list, except I don’t have children. But the one I’d add is an excruciatingly long drawn out thaw. Snow banks are ugly and treacherous ice is everywhere. Begone winter, say I!

  8. I am so over winter too. I live in north Florida so it’s nothing like Nova Scotia but it has been an oddly grey and wet few months! Today the sun is finally out again! Hope it is soon there too. 🙂

  9. I’m feeling for you here. While, I don’t have much of a wind chill to deal with or snow, I have rain. Lots and lots of rain. That’s what we talk about in elevators in Western WA. Not that the town I live in has many elevators. 🙂

  10. Just bought some tulips to try and remember what colour looks like. HATING ugly March: Dirty banks of crusty snow, brown soggy grass.
    How I long for greeeeeeeeeen!!!

  11. The elevators are awkwardly silent here in South Carolina… Hope it warms soon where you are!

  12. I’m totally with you on number 6. We haven’t had a cold winter here in London but it has been wet, very very wet. Today we have had a lovely sunny day and it made such a difference – the boys have been out playing football, they’ve got rosy cheeks and will be worn out for bedtime. Perfect! X

  13. I hate number 8!!!

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