Friday flashback – 1980

I’ve decided to go a bit retro on Fridays and show some old photos and share their story. Please let me know in the comments if you like the idea.

Inspired by this week’s series of faith articles on A Clown on Fire, I’ve decided to share images of my past faith.

First Holy Communion, age 7

First Holy Communion, age 7

I say “past faith” not because I no longer have faith, but because my current beliefs are very different. As a young child I was in awe of the crucifix and mesmerized by the rituals of the Roman Catholic Church. I think that is apparent in this picture.

While many Christian churches use communion as a symbolic “meal” or as a representation of the Last Supper. The Catholic Church believes that Christ is truly present in the Eucharist (the wafer and wine). You are literally receiving the “body and blood of Christ”.

I remember being vividly aware of the importance of this event. I had reached the “age of reason” and had studied the importance of this sacrament. I had also attended confession and was absolved of all sin, I was made pure and ready to receive Christ.

The white dress symbolizes purity and reminds you of your Baptism

The white dress symbolizes purity and reminds you of your Baptism

My seriousness was  because I was worried I wasn’t “pure” enough. You see, I also have a clear memory of lying to the priest that morning in the confessional. I didn’t have any sins to tell so I had to make some up!

My favourite thing about these pictures is my veil, which was also worn two years earlier by my sister. When my mother got married she didn’t own her dress, but she bought herself this veil. My sister and I subsequently wore it at our own weddings.

Do you like the idea of Friday flashbacks?

26 responses to “Friday flashback – 1980

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  2. Okay – this is getting spooky! So many similarities in experience… Although it was MUCH earlier in the century when I received this sacrament, I went through the same experience (although I had sins to confess… sigh…). But unlike you, I was not fortunate enough to have the white dress and veil – my very practical and relatively “un-wealthy” family maintained that a regular dress, which could be worn to many functions (as long as it fit, really) would do very well. And I SO wanted that white outfit… Then again, as I did have sins to confess, perhaps that brown dress was a more accurate depiction of the state of my soul at the time. (The girls in the white dresses, I was sure, were more pure than I… And they were WAY prettier!)
    BTW – I love this move into something a little personal on Fridays – thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Karen, glad to hear someone can relate. My family was also “unwealthy” and it was the same dress my sister wore two years previously. (I think it was also our school concert dress for the year as well.) My parents were both raised in Catholic schools, taught by ruler-wielding nuns. My dad was Irish in Montreal and my mom was rural Newfoundland. Not sure if there could be more strict Catholic experiences in Canada! The full white regalia was not optional in our house. Thanks for your vote in favour of Friday Flashback, I’m hoping I can come up with something interesting each week!

  3. So funny and cute you lying about your sins

  4. You’re the best lookin’ of them all! Stylin. Love he bride look. it is a classic…

  5. A definite ‘yes’ from me as well. I’ll have to scour the archives and see what photos I have myself…

  6. Yes, as long as you don’t subject us to more Catholic church images and stories. 🙂 Many of us have wisely moved on and neither need nor want to be reminded of its rituals and hypocrisy. Spin the bottle experiences are always good. 🙂

  7. You never sinned up until that point? Mydaughter was looking at this picture while I was reading it and was enamored by the costume… They should maybe use this to get more members in the church

  8. I love this idea! Yes to Friday Flashbacks, please 😀

  9. First of all, I love this idea. But I must admit I got a little excited thinking you meant, like, retro songs and “Just Got Paid, It’s Friday Night” is now stuck in my head. Thanks for that,. Secondly, you were an adorable child. And what a sweet memory that you and your sister both wore your Mum’s veil!
    So, that’s 3 thumbs up on the Friday Flashback idea…although I hope in future if does involve some 80’s music and hair…
    “Just got paid, it’s Friday night, party hopping, feeling right…”

    • I was only 7 in 1980 so there wasn’t too much party hopping going on! I’ll try to spice it up for you on the next one. 🙂 Thanks for the complement about my adorableness. It’s pretty hard not to look cute in that get-up! And it sounds like the start of a bad put-down. “You were such an adorable child… What happened to ya?!” Ba dum bump

  10. Look at how cute you were. *smiling warmly*

  11. Lol, you’re a dork! I wanted to be a priest when I was about that age through the fourth grade. Thankfully, I escaped back to the public school about then and that whole priesthood idea fell to the wayside. Did you geta scapula for your first communion?

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