Mmmm… cake

I like cake. I like to eat it and I like to bake it, but I LOVE to decorate it. Here are a few pictures of cakes I’ve made for birthday parties over the recent years:


The Star Wars cake was the boys’ request last year and is my personal favorite. The Ewok is a little wonky hanging off the side, but I made a figure for each of them and only later realized I had nowhere to put it!

???????????????????????????????The pool party was a fundraising raffle prize. Two of the figures were made to look like the birthday girl and her brother.

I am not showing you these to brag or so that you will ask me to make cakes for your next event. I’m showing you them so that you will understand why I love the website Cake Wrecks.


On this site they post pictures and very funny comments about cakes that have been made by professional cake decorators that are unintentionally pathetic, creepy or inappropriate. This is the one that gave her the idea to start the site. There are tons of ones like this, where the decorator literally wrote every word the person said over the phone when the order was taken. Those are just too funny.

Then there are other ones that are just incomprehensible in their crappiness, such as these wedding cakes. The first picture is what the person asked for; the second is what they received. Remember that these are professional bakers.

cake wedding

cake wedding1 cake wedding2 cake wedding3

But my favorite posts are the Sunday Sweets which are a weekly collection of the most beautiful cakes you have ever seen. Sigh…

cake elegantcake elegant1

cake animalcake pum

So, to sum up; I love cake but I LOVE Cake Wrecks even more.

2 responses to “Mmmm… cake

  1. I would bet that there is one very important difference between those other beautiful cakes and your cakes: your cakes taste delicious! In my opinion, cakes are like people — it’s great to be pretty on the outside, but it’s what’s inside that really matters.

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