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1st to 3rd – Florence’s ranking plummets!

You already know that I travelled through Italy thirteen years ago. On that trip, the order in which we visited the major cities was Venice, Rome and finally Florence. Back then, Florence was my favourite city by a landslide. This year it took a huge hit in the ratings and landed squarely in third.

Looking back, I can clearly see why Florence2000 scored so high with the judge (me) and yet faired so poorly on this trip. As with Venice, time and circumstance have altered my perspective. Continue reading

Venice after the flood (of tourists)

The majority of travel guides recommend that you stay in a hotel outside of Venice and only travel in for day trips. This is because Venice is very expensive.

Venice is expensive, no question, but that’s because it is a group of islands where all services and deliveries are via boats and tourism is the main source of income. However, it is due to these very reasons that I’m giving you the exact opposite advice. Stay in Venice.

You see, I finally discovered the thing that makes the city so special – people love Venice because of its Venice-ness. Continue reading

Essential services in Venice

This picture we took for the boys…

Ambulance in Venice

This one we took for you…

Essential Services in Venice

Are you able to read the side of the boat? Allow me to zoom in for you. Continue reading