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Friday Flashback – Skiing

Today I took CJ and ET skiing. It was our first time out this year but they were zipping around like the pros they are.

Skiing has always been a part of my life (I started when I was three) and every year we would take a ski vacation with the same family friends. Some years other families would join in but the nine of us were the core group. The memories from these family trip are some of my most vivid and are absolutely among my favourites.

This is a picture of our gang (minus Dad who was taking the picture.) I’m in the green pants in front of Mom and The Sister is on the far right.

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11 potentially interesting things about me

shark dive

For a couple of the blogging awards that I’ve been given, part of the deal is that I’m meant to answer 11 personal questions and/or tell you 7 interesting things about myself. I’ve been putting this off because I hate doing stuff like that. However, if I want to be an upstanding citizen of the blogosphere, I need to complete this social contract.

Because I’m oddly fond of lists of 11 things (and I hate the lack of control of having to answer random personal questions) I’ve combined and modified the challenge. Today, I present to you…

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