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What do birds and bees have to do with babies?

Image: David Phillips

Image: David Phillips

A couple of months ago we had “The Talk” with CJ. He had just turned eight, but that was just circumstantial. It had nothing to do with his age, it had everything to do with his curiosity.

I do this Mommy-thing where I remind the boys that I “made” them. Do you know what I mean?

Kid: Waaaa… I fell of my bike and there’s blood!
Me: Please stop ruining your knees… I worked very hard to make those!

Kid: Don’t look, you might see my bum!
Me: Oh please, I made your bum.

It’s not just me who does this… or is it?

The Husband said it was because of these constant reminders of his creation, that CJ persistently asked the question, “How does a woman make a baby?” Perhaps he was right, but it was the only Ace I had and I was going to keep playing it.

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