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The little things…

My boys in a hole (2009)

My boys in a hole (2009)

Next year, we are planning to surprise the boys with their first trip to the Florida theme parks and I have no doubt that they will be over the moon with excitement… but they were also giddy with joy today because it was movie and PJ day at camp.

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11 reasons my husband is an amazing dad

1. He read and sang to the boys in utero and his voice could calm them better than anyone’s after they were born.

2. He gagged at the very first poop in the hospital, but he stuck with it and never looked back.

3. He got excited about how the sun would bleach out the cloth diapers as they hung on the line.

4. He once caught toddler vomit in his hands while cooing “It’s okay, Baby, it’s okay…”

5. His lullaby to the boys was James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James.

6. He is never afraid of being silly.

7. He always has more tolerance with the boys at bedtime than I do.

8. His “be grateful that Mommy makes you this yummy food” speech is superb.

9. Every week he individually sits with the boys while they divide their allowance between three jars; save, share and spend.

10. He has as much fun playing with Nerf guns as the kids do.

11. The boys love his weekend oatmeal, and I love sleeping in while they eat it.

Happy Father’s Day, to all the great dads out there.