Important life question

Six weeks of lounging.

Six weeks of lounging.

Is a woman still a woman if she no longer has a uterus?

Wait! Please don’t leave, I’m totally shitting you.

Here’s the real question I’ve been asking myself… Was Einstein recovering from major surgery when he came up with his theory of relativity?

I mean, how did my 6 weeks off work go by so quickly but this first week back at work moved like cold molasses?

Seriously people, Monday was interminable. At one point I checked my watch, sure that it was at least 2pm, and it was only 10:15. You can extrapolate to figure out how long the rest of the week was.

Do you remember the summers of your childhood? Just like Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69”, they seemed to last forever. I even remember becoming a little bored at the end and wishing for school to start. Can you even fathom that now?

I had 6 weeks off work to recover from a couple of surgeries, one of which removed the aforementioned uterus. Granted, I did sleep the entire first month away and was practically housebound due to physical infirmity, but I can honestly say that time whizzed by and I ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING!

Sorry to yell at you, but I’m sure you can understand my frustration.

I didn’t blog. I didn’t write. I didn’t paint. I didn’t even do laundry…

I see now that I was incredibly naive when I boldly declared to my writing group, “I’m going to use the time to finish my book!”

Even though friends and doctors tried to prepare me, I just didn’t anticipate the sheer magnitude of full body fatigue I would experience as I recovered. Or, as I neared the end of the recovery, how strong the inertia would be when I finally attempted to get my sorry ass into a vertical position.

So, here I am… semi-upright and back to work. Do I miss my uterus? Hell, no!

I do, however, miss those 6 weeks of leisure now that they are gone.

What would you do if you had 6 weeks off from the responsibilities of life?

4 responses to “Important life question

  1. Glad to see you back! Love your loungewear!

    I think I will take your “I ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING!” as point of pride. Hysterectomies can set you on your butt for months! I’m glad you rested and did squat besides squatting.

    When I was recovering from my surgery, the hardest thing to do was sit at the computer. And I wanted to sit at the damn computer and play my games to spend the time! I wrecked my stitches that way. Ick. I guess that’s a visual you didn’t really need to see, eh?

    As for your question? I don’t want to the think about it. I had the entire summer off last year and I used my time very, very poorly. I’m ashamed of it, actually. I will have about 6 weeks off this summer too… and I have no plans. I lack imagination, that way. So, yeah, for me I will be ready for school to start in September, just like the good old grade school days.

    • Ah Maggie, glad to see I’m not the only useless lump out there… Thanks for the commiseration! Maybe the answer is for me to go back to school – then the summers would actually mean something again. 😉

  2. Funny you should ask. If I had 6 weeks and no responsibility, I would want money as no object either. I would travel! Go to Vegas and watch some shows, especially Cirque de Solie. Do the Grand Canyon. Travel the coast of California and see some of the wine country. Find a beach I saw one time on Facebook that is completely made of sea glass. Want to come?

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