Funny things my kids say #3

Photograph by Spacepleb

Photograph by Spacepleb

My children have discovered the magical burning properties of concentrated sunshine through a magnifying glass. I’m worried the 8-year-old now wants to be an arsonist when he grows up. The other day he showed me a piece of wood covered in charred pock marks and said,

“I want to keep this as a souvenir of when I started burning things.”

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12 responses to “Funny things my kids say #3

  1. Hahahahhaa..your kids are the best. Giving me some much needed laughter on an otherwise stressed out Wednesday evening!

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  3. Your boy is clearly a genius. Begin rejoicing! Great post : )

  4. All our boys were playing outside the other day…and I overheard my JW saying to them (very seriously & logically sounding, btw…), “We need to kill all the babies… just kill the babies.” One of the other children muttered something in disagreement, and JW just calmly repeated, “No. I’m telling you…just kill all the babies.” If someone else had heard this, they would have probably freaked out… but the context was that they were play-acting their videogame, MineCraft and were discussing the pros and cons of destroying the Zombie babies! LOL!

    • I’ve often said we need to install some bugs so we can listen to these conversations… they are just too funny. My lawyer tells me it is illegal…

      The reason JW sounded so serious is because that is a very serious topic – all the zombie babies should be killed! 🙂

  5. I love it! Your 8 yr. old sounds like he’d get along nicely with my (almost) 8 yr. old. I get a little panicky about playing with fire now that we’re in Colorado though- it’s a whole different thing from the east coast.

    • I’ve actually instituted a rule that they have to have a cup of water next to them in case they actually ignite something! Thanks for your comment… It’s always good to hear that someone can relate to my insanity.

  6. Watch out ants! There’s a new guy on the playground.

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