A backcountry adventure

Filtering water for breakfast.

Filtering water for breakfast.

My boys are away on their annual camping trip to Kejimkujik (while I’m stuck at work). But this year it is with a twist.

Yesterday, The Husband left the comforts of car camping and took the boys on a backcountry adventure. They are strapping their gear to their backs, portaging with the canoe, and venturing out to camp on a remote island site.

This is very exciting for us as parents because this is the way we always camped before we had the boys. We would hike or canoe for hours to get to a site. There is just something magical about being out in the woods with no one else around; no light to dim the stars and no noise to drown out the loons.

Fingers crossed that the boys love the experience as much as we do so that this can be something we continue to do as a family. Although, as long as they still get to roast marshmallows, I’m sure they’ll be happy.

Do you have a passion that you hope to pass on to your children?

2 responses to “A backcountry adventure

  1. I loved camping when I was a kid, I hope to do that with whatever child I somehow spawn in the distant future. I say it as if one day I’ll be like “It’s time” and then throw one of those magic smoke bombs and out pops a child. But honestly if they don’t end up liking it I’ll be fine, I just hope they enjoy reading or writing. They both helped me in so many ways and shaped me into the person I am toda…well maybe forget the reading and writing XD.

  2. Very cool! I hope they have a great time. I’m not a backpacker, and my older kids ended up being more city kids, but my younger boys are very interested in doing this with their dad.

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