National exposure


Art: Lindsay Cameron for The Globe and Mail

Art: Lindsay Cameron for The Globe and Mail

As most of you know, speaking out about my own story to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health issues has become my personal mission. Today I am thrilled to be reaching over a million people with my message.

The Globe and Mail is Canada’s largest-circulation national newspaper and today’s edition features an essay I wrote about my depression. Much of it will be familiar to my faithful readers but it is my rawest piece to date.

Please, take a moment to click the link and read… and then pass the story along. The more people we reach, the better.


8 responses to “National exposure

  1. Well said brave soul. Right there with you. I manage to get through December, but after that it’s hell until spring and sun and warmth return. Mine is (mostly) seasonal, but I know of what you speak. Kudos for getting it out there!

  2. You are an amazing woman,(but I think I have said that before), now everyone knows it!

  3. Dear Stephanie. Thank you so much for writing this.

    Signed, a fellow depressive who appreciates anyone who tries to break the stigma

  4. I am so proud of you!! I have goosebumps and am getting teary eyed right now!!!

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