Spilling the beans


Back in July, I mentioned that we were planning our first family trip to the Florida theme parks. I hate crowded and noisy places so this is not my dream vacation but, knowing how much fun the boys will have, I’ve actually gotten a little excited as we’ve been doing the research.

Not wanting to raise any hopes, in case the plan fell through, we had kept everything hush-hush from the boys. But, as of today, our entire vacation is now booked… dinner reservations and all!

We briefly considered not telling them until that February morning when we woke them for the trip, as friends of ours successfully did this year, but we wanted them to have some time to save allowance to use as spending money. Also, CJ takes after me in that he easily gets thrown out of kilter by surprises. We once surprised him with a cruise on Theodore Tugboat… you would have thought we were on the sinking Titanic for all the fun he had.

So, we decided to tell them this evening after dinner but we wanted to make it a fun experience in itself. We laid out five groups of Scrabble tiles which they had to unscramble to make words. When they were finished, this is what they had…


After reading it aloud a couple of times, there was just stunned silence. Then 6-year-old ET, his voice dripping with sarcasm and incredulity, said, “Yeah… like that’s true!” Hmmm, I wonder where he gets that from?

Once we assured them that it was actually true (that we weren’t just being assholes) there was a small happy dance and some hugs and kisses… then they asked if they could go play Minecraft.

Well, their reaction might not have reached the level of excitement we were expecting, but at least we’ve got that card up our sleeves from now until February… Oh, please excuse me, I have to go tell them to get to bed or they won’t be going to Disney.

I’m only joking, of course. I would never use the trip as a bargaining tool for something so minor… That’s what Santa is for!

Do you have any theme park tips for us?

10 responses to “Spilling the beans

  1. You’re going for NINE days?! Are you insane?!

  2. Great way to surprise them! Just wait until you are on the way-that’s when it will probably hit them! What a great family trip.

    • Actually, since we told them, I’ve overheard them talking about it together. I think they are slowly realizing what it all means. Yesterday, the youngest was counting his money to see if he would have enough to by himself a wand when we venture off Disney to go the Harry Potter world.
      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  3. Good for you taking the kids to Disney. My wife is going to make me do it just for one day so we can say we did it, but we both agree that one day is plenty. Happiest place on earth my ass.

  4. Ha ah love your Santa quip. I am actually guilty of using that one. Last year on the run up to Xmas when Mm1 and Mm2 were pretty badly behaved, I changed my husbands name on my phone to Santa and got him to text me when they were playing up, saying the exact thing that they were doing at that time that was naughty. I would read the texts out saying Santa is watching you all the time and you know what happens if he puts you on the naughty list! Such a mean mum but worked a treat! Got to have some fun with this mothering lark haven’t we 😉

    • This is absolute genius!
      Near Christmas, when my guys are acting up, I’ll just walk through the room quietly and nonchalantly singing, “He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good…” It’s subtle, but works every time!
      All’s fair in love and war…

  5. Talk to my husband. He is wise about all things Disney. I swear he is growing mouse ears.

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