I love to hug

Laws of Nature #17: There's no such thing as too many hugs...

Laws of Nature #17: There’s no such thing as too many hugs…

Soon after The Husband and I moved into our first flat, I gave him this card. At this point, he was still getting used to my penchant for hugs.

I’ve never been the greatest at verbally expressing my woes. There have been times in my life when I have felt trapped by the weight of my worries. However, for as long as I can remember, I have always felt better after leaning into someone I love and having them wrap their arms around me.

When I’m in need of this sort of comfort, I don’t like my hugs to be short. The “pat, pat, push away” just isn’t going to do. You need to be actively committed to hugging me. Hence the card.

The Husband (who at this point was still The Fiancée) was used to “Hello/Goodbye” hugs and “I love you” hugs. These can be brief and usually involve a kiss or two, or three…

The “I need a hug” hug is a much different affair. These can come out of nowhere and with little warning. Sometimes I may actually declare, “I need a hug” but more often than not, I’ll just lean in and nestle.

Now that we have children, a conundrum has presented itself. In our current busy life, there is little opportunity for these long quiet embraces, but it is during these hectic times that I find myself needing them the most.

The good news is that I now have more arms in the house, and I am raising some excellent huggers. The boys are very quick to ask, “Mommy, do you need a hug?” Although I have to watch out for elbows and knees, the hugs are fantastic and full of love.

Last night, after an incredibly busy and active weekend, my 8-year-old climbed up onto my bed for his good night hug. Draped over me like a heavy blanket, he talked about how much fun he’d had. Love and peace filled me as I kissed his hair and rubbed his back.

I also steal my hugs whenever I can. I love to crawl in bed with them for a minute in the morning. I nuzzle my nose in their sleepy warmth and gather their rag-doll bodies into my arms. Always, even in their drowsiest moments, their little arms find their way around me too.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that there is no such thing as too many hugs… I just have to keep reminding everybody else.

4 responses to “I love to hug

  1. This is great Steph!

  2. When the boys grow up and move out of the house are you going to be one of those people who stand on the street corner holding a sign that says “Free hugs”?

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