A woman of a certain age

My Chatelaine magazine came today. Whenever I see it bulging out of the mailbox I’m filled with a strange combination of excitement and pathos.

I’m excited because, well it’s exciting to get mail that isn’t from a corporation or the government. Plus, there is always the hope I’ll find a great three ingredient meal that can be whipped together in 10 minutes and is guaranteed to please the whole family.

The counterpoint to that thrill is the depressing fact that there is a Chatelaine in my mailbox.

Mom and Dad, please don’t misunderstand, I love the subscription. It really is a great gift, a perfect gift in fact. However, the arrival of that first issue made a statement. One which my husband succinctly voiced as, “Wow… you are finally old enough to get Chatelaine.”

I’m not really sure if it is a specific age or a certain stage of life, but there seems to be a point in every Canadian woman’s life when she transitions from “a woman whose mother gets Chatelaine” to actually receiving it herself. Now it has happened to me and that is the reality that surrounds its monthly delivery. I am a Canadian mother who gets Chatelaine.

The torch has been passed. My kids will grow up with issues in every bathroom and on every bedside table. They will get to taste new recipes that look promising and watch Mommy on the floor attempting new butt shaping exercises. They will grow up with Chatelaine!

The great thing about this magazine is the variety of content. This month the cover showcases “Outsmart Stress”, “Grow Your Green Thumb” and “Stop Parenting Your Partner”. Really intriguing stuff and everything a Canadian woman of a certain age needs in a magazine. But truly, my favorite aspect of the magazine is the way the editors keep it fresh with those feisty article teasers.

Here are some of my favorite cover lines from recent issues:

“Confessions From a Drunk Mom”

“Eat, Drink and Not Gain Weight”

“Buy It Now, Wear It To Pieces!”

“Under 400 Calories Tastes like 1,000”

“Pasta Meets Salad!”

These are just a few of the gems that I get to enjoy each month. Did you notice the strong use of verbs and strategic exclamation points? They are showcasing their best stuff and giving it energetic impact. Did you feel the thrill? No, not yet? Well, I did save a couple of my favourites for last, and they both involve pie…

“Saucy Shepherd’s Pie” and “The Easiest (Sexiest) Pumpkin Pie”

I mean, c’mon! What hot blooded Canadian woman doesn’t love a good saucy shepherd or dream of seducing her lover with sexy pie. As I said, Chatelaine has got it all! I’m a lucky lady.

2 responses to “A woman of a certain age

  1. so funny …. my neighbour passes her issues on to me … and she has at least a good 5 year on us! I can picture you now doing the exercises!

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