12 things I know about my kids

I may grumble about my crazy little boys but I have loved having a seven and five year-old. The major change over the year has been their huge leap in independence. It’s the little things that make the big difference. Our eldest now gets himself ready for school and will prepare toast or cereal for himself and his brother. Meanwhile, the young’n has become self-sufficient in the bathroom and can finally buckle his own seatbelt. Ahhh… small but mighty miracles.

As they both have birthdays approaching, I thought I should take a moment to reflect on these ages before they are gone. This is what I know for sure.

7 things I know about my 7-year-old

  1. He’s better at math than I am.
  2. He always gets the joke, even if it’s on him.
  3. Even if he’s being pestered to death, he will always look out for his little brother.
  4. Unless it’s his bedtime, he has lost the ability to travel at a speed slower than a sprint.
  5. He suffers from extreme fluctuations in hearing that renders him deaf to average volume voices while retaining a superhuman ability to hear whispers through walls.
  6. He’s not too old to snuggle.
  7. Talking about the planet Uranus always cracks him up.

5 things I know about my 5-year-old

  1. He will hate what I’ve made for dinner unless it is a breakfast food.
  2. Whatever he’s “looked and looked for but still can’t find” will be on the floor right behind him.
  3. No matter how small the piece of chocolate is that he is eating, the entire lower half of his face will be brown before he is through.
  4. He will always excuse himself when he passes gas, even if he’s in the bathroom and there is no one else around.
  5. Whatever he is doing or saying, if I lean over and puff out my cheek, I will always get a kiss.

Okay… I’m ready. Bring on 8 and 6.

2 responses to “12 things I know about my kids

  1. Thanks. It was a fun exercise – I’d like to read your list for your guy.

    I really like your new personna… sounds a bit like a superhero 🙂 I’ll have to feature my Beautifully Dressed Neighbour in the blog more often!

  2. BDN (Beautifully Dressed Neighbour)

    Really liked this one!

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