Long time listener, first time caller…

Now that I’ve launched myself out into the blogosphere, it’s only appropriate that I pay homage to someone that I have quietly followed for years. Dooce, or more specifically Heather B. Armstrong, is a professional blogger out of Salt Lake City. In 2001 she started her blog as a forum for her take on pop culture and life as a single woman. This early foray actually led to her being fired from her job because she had written stories about people at work. Now blogging is her job and there is no one to fire her so she is pretty unrestrained about her content.

Over the years, Heather married and had children and is now usually categorized as a “mommy blogger”. As such, she has appeared on Oprah, CNN and the Today show and been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines and blogging websites. She has won too many awards to count and has even published several books. Recently, she has also become involved in humanitarian projects and traveled to Bangladesh as part of a group representing Every Mother Counts.

Although family is a large part of Heather’s content, her site is not about the best foods to feed your kids or how to get stubborn stains out of the carpet. Instead, it’s about her life; ranging from the lows of her of crippling post-partum depression and her recent divorce, to the highs of her amazing new-found talent as a photographer and her gradual self-discovery. Also, because I share her sense of humour, her regular Stuff I found while looking around posts are the main source of my internet entertainment and often have my husband shaking his head while musing, “Where do you find this stuff?”

My blog is not going to be anything like Dooce, I have neither Heather’s bravery nor her talent, but I hope to always be honest in my writing and true to who I am. That is what I’ve learned from her.

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